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Self-Managed Care

Home care services are provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS) directly for essential medical needs. If these services do not fully meet your needs or you prefer to seek another provider, self-managed care is an option. It provides resources to directly pay for and manage personal care and home care support services. These funds from AHS can be used to manage the care yourself or hire a private home care agency such as Coulee Family Services. 

Services include personal care, home support services and respite care. Services are based on your home care assessment by Alberta Health Services.   

Professional services, such as nursing, social work or therapy services cannot be purchased with self-managed care funds but will be arranged by the home care case manager, if needed.  

For more information, review the official AHS brochure here: 

We would be delighted to help structure a plan that works within AHS parameters and provides the care and support you or your loved one needs. Reach out to us anytime to start the conversation.

Caregiver Respite

Our Respite services provide relief to primary Caregivers (e.g., a spouse, son, daughter, friend or relative) a break from providing supportive and supervisory care to someone who is dependent on their presence or assistance. Respite can be for a few hours or a few days depending on the individual situation. It can be provided occasionally, or periodically on a regular basis.  

Respite will enable Caregivers to:  

  • deal with a crisis:  
  • take a planned, brief absence, such as a vacation;   
  • deal with their own medical issues (e.g., appointments, procedures);  
  • have an opportunity  to rest, relax and catch up on sleep;    
  • spend quality time with friends and family; and,  
  • take time for themselves to exercise, shop, do personal care, and run errands.  

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