Information Request

Setting up your services starts when we receive a request for information or service from you or someone acting on your behalf such as a family member, a medical professional, a community resource, a concerned neighbor, etc. We respond by providing information about our Agency and our services in-person, via telephone, email, fax, social media or postal mail.  This information will help you make a decision as to whether you want to use our Agency’s services.

Needs Assessment

If you choose to proceed with us, someone from our Agency will visit you at your home.  He/she will work jointly with you and/or your representative to determine:

  • what your needs are;
  • what services you need to meet these needs; and,
  • if we can safely and efficiently deliver the services you need.

If the services you require are not amongst those we provide, with your signed consent, we may make a referral to another service provider.

Care Plan

If your needs fall within our scope of services, our Agency Representative will work with you and/or your representative to develop a Care Plan, which is a written proposal. It will outline your identified needs and will specify the types of services needed to meet your needs.  The Care Plan will also list the times and frequency of service visits and document your preferences in service delivery.

Service Agreement

Once the Care Plan is mutually developed and you give your informed consent, our Agency Representative and you or your representative will sign a written agreement, called a Service Agreement.  It details the services to be provided and the terms & conditions for receiving the services.  This Service Agreement must be completed and signed before we can start delivering services to you. You will be given a copy of this signed Service Agreement.